Sunday, July 31, 2011

Almost a year

And I fear typing this - will I jinx our spree of normalcy? Heh - what IS that anyway.

Almost a year has passed and wow - here we are. Ava has been quite stable for almost a year now. We have done little to her meds outside a tweak of mgs here and there. Intuniv was her life changer a year ago and now that we're at 4mgs - the highest dose - I do hope it continues to keep her symptoms at bay. We have noticed more than anything in the last year that the importance of TIME, right down to the minute, of WHEN her meds are taken is THE MOST important thing. Meds taken EXACTLY on time, day after day after day, proves the best possible outcome for her. We have an alarm clock next to her meds in our kitchen cabinet to insure this.

I've been battling my own depression as it's been almost a year that my mom suddenly passed away. As I read my previous posts, I'm amazed at my strength and see so little of that in myself anymore. I wake up each morning, fighting, to stay a part of this world. Interestingly enough, I'm now seeing Ava's psychatirist - she's an amazing doctor. I have hopes we'll find the right cocktail for me as well.

Faith, my friends, faith. I'm not a religious person by any sort of the definition but I believe in faith and the thought that all things happen for a reason, one well beyond our control. Hold onto hope that your child will triumph over this disease and that you will too.