Saturday, September 18, 2010


Didn't end up cutting off all meds. We did some tweaking to Ava's cocktail med and added some Trazodone. Her biggest issue is bedtime, more specifically going to SLEEP. She claims over and over that she's NOT tired. She'll follow us around the house, stalking us telling us this, pacing and yelling, she'll come into our room over and over screaming at us to "DO SOMETHING" yet when we offer, she'll accept zero help. If my child just had insomnia it would be different but I have a child who THINKS she has insomnia and stalks me like a lion, erupting and attacking as often and as much as possible. IF we are lucky and able to talk her into letting us lay in bed with her, then things settle down. Because, we lay with her for literally, no more than 7 minutes (yes, I have timed it) and she's O U T like a light. I'd have to say she feels the worst right before laying down, getting still, closing her eyes. I have no idea what it is but as soon as we get her to do the latter, she's out so fast it's ridiculous. It's like my 70 yo father in a recliner, fast! So anyway - adding the Trazodone has helped curb that feeling for her. At 50mgs she's gone 7 straight days without a fit, without arguing, without much pushing at all to get to bed. A couple of nights she's even just gotten herself ready for bed and told us she was heading there and then fell asleep! JUST LIKE A NORMAL almost 8 yo child does sometimes, I bet! My husband and joke that at least for a week, we've known what the other half must live like. She's given us a touch of trouble tonight by coming into our bedroom over and over telling us she can't sleep so we'll see if the streak is over shortly. At that point, maybe we'll still get another week of pleasure by up-ing her to 100mgs.

My poor sweetie just got over a heck of a case of some sort of stomach bug. She slept in our room for 3 nights and I have to say she's an incredible sick patient. Not overly emotional, very cooperative, very sweet, very thankful and so low key. I never ever like to see her sick but boy was it a nice break from the pitbull we know when she's healthy.

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