Thursday, January 7, 2010


Something came over me yesterday suddenly, out of no where. I should start a blog. A blog about being the Mama of an amazing 7 year old little girl, Ava. Ava is beautiful, highly intelligent, kind, considerate, an amazing big sister, articulate, creative, polite, sensitive and a dancer. Ava also has Bipolar Disorder.

Here you will find a day in the life of a parent who has a child with a mood disorder. Think mood disorders in children are nothing but B.S. and an excuse for poor parenting skills and spoiled children? Think again and continue to read.

My hope is that in the years to come this disorder will become accepted as a diagnosis in children and that other parents will not struggle for years to find out exactly what is wrong with their child. My hope is that other parents of bipolar children will find me here and know this: You are not alone.


  1. Hello and you are such a strong women I know I have a daughter with a diagnosis of Mood Disorder she is 15 years old and I am a single parent it's not easy she is on medication before she was on medication it was terrible she just started her meds. 2 years ago when her father left the home unexpectedly which triggerd her to become violent with me and one of her grandparents her fathers mother. This is when she became violent in school and the Pet team for those that do not know this is a special team that comes out to calm the child down and if needed taken to a mental facility which my daughter had to be taken for 48 hours thats when she started her medication. from that point on she has had various episodes like your daughter, my best friend knows exactly what I go through she is there for me all the time. But my friend has a life of her own she can't always save me. I am very scared of my daughter because she is stronger then me and she demands things I cannot afford being a single parent and I cannot work this was my daughters doctors orders that I am the only one that can handle her. I've tried going to work but knowone can handle her and wonte return. I have the regional center to help I do not know if you have this resource but they can only help so much. The trained people from the Regional center cannot even handle taking care of my daughter. When she wants something I cannot afford she will physically abuse me...and call me every name in the book she will get my cell phone and call my best friend and ask her to give her money to buy whatever she wants my best friend is afraid for my life and well being my friend will come over and give my daughter money. I owe my best friend over $300 within one month because of my daughter. The sad part about all this is I get the same answer from everyone to send her away.... I do attend therapy for myself to get through the trying days of abuse... Like you said I'm tired also and worn out I don't know where I get the tears to cry anymore. But what does help is I turned to God and the Lord has given me strength....Please remember you are not alone we have eachother with special little girls that we love so much. by the way everytime I read your blogs I start to cry because I know how much you love your daughter just as I love mine. Take care and please keep blogging your blogs get me through the day.

  2. I have read a few of your blog posts. I'm really glad you started this blog. I really hope things will get better. Here is a hug for you